High Mast Lighting Poles

To light up vast areas cost-effectively contemporary technology offers the solution of high mast lighting poles. These installations can be mounted at height levels that surpasses any traditional lighting ways - They can be of a height of 100 feet or more! High mast lighting poles render excellent advantages to outdoor lighting, due to the manner of beam generation and circulation in these systems. The energy-efficient service of illumination with a guarantee of long life is the speciality of (LED) High mast lighting poles.

While high mast lighting poles are seemingly expensive than the traditional systems of lighting, when you consider the maintenance cost and safety issues, this advanced installation is proven to be the best investment. In this era, the lights have transformed to produce powerful lights for large areas without compromising on the life span or consuming a great amount of power. High mast lighting is the best option considering the future possibilities of relocations and further constructions.

High mast lighting poles are exceptionally useful in severe environments to illuminate a maximum area with an even distribution of light. Transportation terminals, outdoor storages and parking areas and sports stadiums find resolution in High mast poles. They are also solving the turbulence over DOT freeway exchanges and DOT Roadways. Also, they are the most reliable when comes to minimizing the traffic obstruction in transport construction sites. The modern fixtures are designed with directional LED lights, to ensure precision and high-intensity illumination.

It is also a very flexible form of installation, offering variations in the number of lights per pole. There are also types of lighting obtainable in colours and temperature to match your need. Voltconlighting also provides help to transform into the advanced technology (probably LED) from the traditional High mast fixtures. The retrofitting technology and the light pole lowering/raising device is also available with us. additionally, Substituting with LED can help you to achieve the best radiance with less quantity of lights.

According to the specification, Voltconlighting can implement flexible designs and dimensional representations with the aids of High mast lighting poles. We have different options and combinations of choices from which we will assist you to select your lighting solution. Visit our website or connect with us to know about the various installation of high mast lighting poles in manufacturing and industrial locales. If you are looking for the most advantageous and secure design in installing commercial high mast lights, reach us.

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