Mobile Lighting Poles

Mobile Lighting Poles

Voltcon Provides wide range of resistant and tough mobile light towers with high quality standards. This range is made-up of light towers equipped with different kinds of road or site-tow trailers, for use in the most hard working environments. The smallest models are equipped with a practical manual hand trolley allowing a single operator to handle quickly and safely. They are ideal for use in areas where illumination need to be frequently repositioned.

Due to their wide application capabilities including complete 360° rotatable light board, Mobile Light Towers are perfect companions for mining areas, construction sites, civil engineering works, defense requirements and industrial operations.

Typical applications for high mast lighting

  • Mines
  • Ports, harbours, dockyards
  • Railways and marshalling yards
  • Retail parks
  • Steel works/ Petro-Chemical
  • Water treatment plants
  • Sports stadia
  • Large car sales & distribution
  • Container terminal
  • Airports
  • Manufacturing & storage areas
  • Motorway networks & intersections
  • Military bases

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