July 2021

High Mast Lights: Benefits and factors to consider

Lighting is important especially when it comes to large areas. Large area lighting and high mast poles go hand in hand. From lighting up inadequate lit roads to guiding vehicles, pole lights are an integral part of outdoor lighting.

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April 2020

Types of Sports Field Lighting

Football Field & Stadium Lights
Installing of stadium lights is of utmost crucial. It provide ample benefits to the players, administration and fans. The major benefits of sports and stadium lighting helps in flexibility of planning matches, safety of the spectators and enrichment of the fans' experience.

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March 2020

3 Things to reflect when Mounting Street light poles

Artistic Street Pole Lighting
Street and roadway lighting pole offer ambiance, enhancing the beauty and charm of the place. For example, a well-lit courtyard where people can enjoy delicious street food or even dine in. On the other hand, simply an attractive and well-lit street lined with homes, gates and trees can add to the charisma of the space.

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March 2020

3 Things You Should Know About Street Light Poles

Engineers and architects, to design cities and towns are tasked with finding the suitable street and roadway lighting poles for streets, footways, localities, and parking lots. Street light poles play an important part in our daily lives as they give a sense of safety and security to anyone who resides, works, or travels in the area.

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March 2020

Things to consider before buying Surface Mounted Luminaires

Surface-mounted luminaires are an elegant aesthetical count to a commercial cosmos's decor. As per the leading LED designer lighting poles manufacturers, these lights have appeared as a main interior design division and gained enormous fame in current era. They boost cost efficiency, offer uniform illumination, and augment the global vibe of the space instantaneously.

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Feb. 2020

High-Mast Lighting Poles Benefits

Advantage of using LED Flood Lights

Flood lights are wide-ranging beamed lighting equipment that radiate high intensity artificial light. They are generally used in vast and inadequately lit commercial places as they flood the area with even lighting. According to the leading High Mast Pole Lighting Solution providers, flood lights are indispensable for areas like, manufacturing plants, shipyards, parking lots, construction sites, highways, and open fields, etc. as these areas need appropriate brightness during working hours.

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Feb. 2020

High Mast Pole Lighting Solution

Important factors while choosing LED Pole light

A Pole light is an indispensable part of an outdoor street lighting system that lights the ineffectively lit roads in order to monitor and guide the vehicles. These lights ensure safety on the streets while significantly reducing the threat of ill-fated situations and mishaps. The best high Mast Pole lighting solution providers believe that streetlights are engineered in a way to support several LED lights for optimum lighting of the area. Furthermore, LED pole lights have a multi-facet functionality, as they cannot only be used to brighten the infrastructures but also for the embellishment of private and public properties. Some of the main application areas of street pole lights are like Parking space, sidewalks, construction grounds, commons spaces, and countryside architecture etc. Thus, strong, durable, resistant, and visually pleasing need to be the main features of these lights. Some important factors that you need to keep in mind before going for the high mast pole lights are stated here.

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Jan 2020

Smart poles are changing the landscape of cities

The landscape in cities is changing rapidly. They are challenged with issues around the following items:

. Lighting
. Transportation
. Parking
. Safety and security
. Waste management
. The environment

A long time ago, you could make a phone call using a phone booth. I especially recall the red telephone booths used in the India and world. After the cellphone was introduced, no longer were the famous red telephone booths (or any phone booths) needed to make calls.

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Jan 2020

High Mast Lighting Pole Inovative Smart Technology

How is Voltcon Lighting making high mast lighting pole brighter, stronger and smarter? Terminal yards are active, ever-changing environments. Incoming and outgoing trucks, containers, ships, and people require an adaptable, well-lit location to complete their jobs. As a low-maintenance, high-performance lighting solution, LEDs meet these critical needs. Until recently, LEDs had one notable drawback for high mast applications: inflexible illumination. When the lights are on, they're on, and when they're off, they're off. That means either sacrificing illumination or wasting energy

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Jan 2020

Voltcon LED high mast lighting design you need to know

Voltcon LED high mast lighting is very energy efficient and has a long service life. The LED technology continues to develop, and enables a more efficient, long lasting, and cost-worthy light source. The larger the area you want to light up, the higher your lights will need to be mounted on. If you need to illuminate large areas like airports, car parks or major roads, you'll need to use high mast lighting.

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Dec 2019

3 Benefits of using LED Flood Lights, Sports & Stadium Lighting Pole

LED sports stadium lighting systems can produce the same or better illumination at less than half the operating costs of traditional stadium lighting. According to the leading commercial lighting manufacturers, flood lights are vital for areas like shipyards, manufacturing plants, construction sites, parking lots, highways, open fields, etc. as these areas require proper illumination during operational hours.

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Nov 2019

Why Choose High Mast Light Poles?

High Mast Light poles are tall poles with lighting attached to the top. It can be used to brighten large areas such as highways or recreational fields. The pole with lighting is usually 30 metre tall. This form of lighting is becoming preferred in many parts of the globe. They are introduced top cities such as Ontario in the highways. In Taiwan these lighting poles are used in combination with shorter lampposts.

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